The Orange Lobster – HUGE Difference Between Advert and Actual Product !

Bought a coupon from online coupons seller – Groupon Beeconomic for The Orange Lobster @ Orchard Central. This coupon costs $9 and has a value of $25, meaning that I get a savings of $14 for a meal @ The Orange Lobster (TOL).

I happily brought mum for a lunch at TOL today. The coupon states that I will need to make a reservation before going. When I called, the man who took my reservation asked me if I will be using the Groupon voucher and I said “Yes”. Thought nothing of that at that time..

When we arrived at 12.15 pm, the place wasn’t very crowded. It was near empty with only 2 other tables occupied. The waitress who took my order also asked if I would be using the Groupon and asked for it to be given to her before ordering. I jokingly asked her if they will give us a smaller serving of lobster porridge (which is their signature dish) if I give her the coupon. She said that they would not.

When our lobster porridge arrived, I was surprised to see that it contained only half of a baby lobster ! This lobster is only about 15cm long, including the antenna (parts of these were left) and tail. I was a bit disappointed. As I had read a good review on the wall of the restaurant earlier, I had expected something “Extraordinary” ! There was nothing really spectacular about the lobster porridge. I have had nicer ones before. The rest of the dishes ordered – 三大美人 and the chicken were passable. Chicken was a bit dry. The only thing even remotely “spectacular” are the prices – close to being high end.

After paying and on my way out of the restaurant, I noticed the flyer on the table. There was even a huge poster at the entrance. The same lobster porridge I had ordered was on them ! There were 6 halves or 3 lobsters in the pictures ! I felt cheated – what happened to the other 5 pieces which were supposed to be in my porridge ??

How can they advertise something and serve something else ? That is not fair to the consumers. Will not visit this place again – will tell all my friends not the visit them too ! If they really want to offer customers a discount, they should not try to cut corners in this way. I may have used a discount voucher but if the service and food are good, I will return and recommend the eatery to my friends. No point trying to “cheat” by giving me less lobster.