Believe In Your Ideas


“Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” -Jim Rohn

The other day, my boyfriend and I started brainstorming for a screenplay we’re going to write. As we kept finding new details about the characters and events, I found myself fully visualizing it in my head.

I saw what the actors would look like. I imagined the trailer. I could hear the soundtrack. I was laughing at jokes that we didn’t yet write. The movie felt like a living, breathing organism, and in that moment, even at the very beginning of this new journey, I fully believed in our possibility.

I told him it felt so real, even though it was just a seed of an idea, and in that moment, I believed we could write it and get it made. That initial enthusiasm, the unadulterated belief–it’s magic. It’s when you’ve yet to consider all the reasons it might not work. It’s before you’ve contemplated all the odds against you, or weighed other people’s opinions as if they’re facts.

That’s the feeling that makes things happen: the belief in what you visualize. It’s not always easy to retain it, especially when you start doubting what you know and what you can do.

I know very little about writing a screenplay, but I know I am passionate enough about my ideas to commit to the process of learning.

You won’t always know what you need to know. You won’t always get other people to see what you see. And sometimes even you might stop believing. Obstacles have a way of seeming insurmountable, but rarely is that true.

Today if you start thinking your idea isn’t good enough, take a deep breath and remember: What’s important is not what you know in this moment; it’s what you believe you can learn and do.”


the Author


Lori Deschene is the Founder of Tiny Buddha.


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