Recommend ! Challenger Website 12BuySg

Bought some clothes from Challenger’s online store – 12BuySg ( last week. Unfortunately, some of the items were too small for me. As I had bought them at a special 70% discount with free courier service thrown in – already very cheap, I thought that I would have little chance of getting a replacement or refund. Decided to try my luck anyway and wrote in to the customer service.

The next day, I received a reply from them. They are willing to refund me for the clothes as they do not have a bigger size for the ones I had bought. They were prompt in arranging for their courier service to pick up the clothes from me within 2 days. They were polite and friendly throughout which is very rare nowadays. Haven’t seen such good service for a long time ! 🙂

Definitely will buy from them again if there are suitable items. Good & prompt service with door-to-door courier service – Great !