OnT Authentic Thai Cuisine @ Ang Mo Kio

Read an article in the Chinese papers about OnT Authentic Thai Cuisine on 27 Oct 11. It is supposed to be fantastic according to the article, with many returning customers. Not many reviews online though. I called their number to place an order. However, the person who answered my call was not able to answer any of my questions. Never mind. I can wait. Will try again at a later time.

I ordered their mini buffet – 5 items for $89, with a $30 delivery charge. A bit pricey but if it can feed 12 people as they claimed, still alright. I ordered a fried seafood tung hoon, pandan wrapped chicken, sweet & sour sliced fish, kailan with mushroom & oyster sauce and a dessert – tako. The food was supposed to arrive by 4.30pm, but did not. I tried calling their number and the handphone number they used to sms me but no one picked up the calls. The food finally arrived at 5pm. Never mind, still in time but felt a bit miffed cos I was unable to contact anyone at the stall at all.

The seafood tung hoon which is supposed to be their signature dish was a letdown. The dish did not taste like Thai food at all ! I had just had this dish a few weeks back, ordered from Thai To Go and it was nice. The only saving grace is that there is quite a generous portion of seafood in the tung hoon which doesn’t really improve the taste that much. It was quite bland and  tasted like Hokkein style tung hoon instead.

The sweet & sour fish is only so-so. The amount of capiscums, onions etc is almost the same as the pieces of fish – almost can’t find the fish..

The pandan wrapped chicken is a bit oily which is to be expected as it is deep fried. The thing is, the chicken parts are not evenly cooked. Some parts are raw. We had to throw away these pieces. I didn’t really taste the nice fragrance of the pandan leaves which should be present if cooked properly.

The vegetables and the dessert are the best dishes out of the 5 I ordered. The vegetables retained their crisp and tasted good. It had a nice fragrance of the mushroom and oyster sauce. Lovely. The tako was a bit too soft and not set properly but it still tasted wonderful. Not too sweet and fragrant with the smell of the banana leaf casing, corn and water chestnut bits.


Would I order again ? Maybe..if the price and the delivery charge are a bit lower. Also, if the staff can pick up the calls instead of being uncontactable. I will definitely want to try the other dishes though.


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