Thai To Go Delivery Service

Was on Facebook one day when I happened to see the advert by ThaiToGo. The prices of the food seems quite reasonable and there is only a $3 delivery charge. Decided to try it out. The food will be delivered within 1.5 – 2h of ordering. I was a bit kiasu so I ordered at 1pm and asked for my food to be delivered at 5pm. The delivery guy was quite punctual and arrived at 5pm exactly.

The pineapple fried rice is kinda bland. The pork floss managed to improve the taste a bit though. Didn’t really like it. The seafood tung hoon is much better. Tasted good but was a bit too oily though..

The stuffed chicken wings were not as good as expected. The skin was oily and not crispy enough. This was supposed to be the chef’s recommendation but hmm..a bit below expectations.

Egg with shrimp is also oily but tasted aright. The mixed vegetables was better. A tad salty for me but still tasty enough.

My fav is their tom yum seafood soup. Sour, tangy and spicy all at once. I had ordered their medium which is the biggest portion but since no one in my family likes it as much as I did, I ended up drinking a lot of it. The seafood inside is quite fresh too.

Overall the food from Thai To Go is cheap and good. Only thing is that most of the food is too oily and some, like the vegetables, can be too salty. The portion of food is a bit small though – the rice and the tung hoon only filled up about 1/2 of the small disposable container they came in with. Need to order more for bigger appetites.


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