Bijinsenmon Slimming Wraps

Saw this new product “Bijinsenmon” slimming wraps at Guardian Pharmacy a few days back. There are a few types which target specific areas in our bodies – tummy, arms, legs..I remember seeing the advert for this product in U-weekly not too long ago. Decided to buy 1 pack to try out. It is quite pricey after all – $49 for a 4 piece pack ! Hmm…if it is effective, I wouldn’t mind buying again. The instructions on the box stated that you will have to use for 3 days in a row and 1 piece per week thereafter. Wow ! Seems like the product is so effective ! I can’t wait to try it out !

I must say that the packaging is quite well done. Each box comes with 4 pieces of individually wrapped slimming wraps and 1 packet containing 4 pieces of cover for the wraps. Quite clean and hygienic.

I used my measuring tape to measure my body before each use to check if I had lost any “inches”.

There is a slight medicinal smell when you open the wrap. Inside, there is a wet, moist piece of paper wrap which you must place around your tummy and waist areas. This wrap feels quite cold when it first touches my body. After that, I must put on a sheet of the cover to prevent the wrap from touching my clothes.  I am supposed to keep the wrap on for a min of 15 min and not more than 20 min. Exactly 20 min later, I removed the cover and wrap, cleaned up the area and eagerly measured my body. Argh…not even 1mm difference ! Maybe its the first use ?

I used the product continuously for 4 days, even going as far as to increase the length of time to 25 min. Didn’t do me any good. There is no reduction in measurement at all. Not even 1mm ! The only reduction is in my pocket – $49 out of my pocket to buy an ineffective product. Well, take it as lesson learnt. Advertisements “lie”..not matter how well it is written, one will have to try it to know. Have this temptation to mail back the “Membership recruitment” form included in the package and give them my 2 cents worth..don’t think that it will do any good. We’ll see about it then ! 🙂