Lai Lai Casual Dining @ Jurong Point

Lai Lai Casual Dining is one restaurant worth recommending. The food & service provided by the staff are good. The company is also a most ethical one which takes customer feedback seriously.

I had my lunch at Lai Lai @ Jurong Point on 13 Nov 11. I ordered the Set A which comes with a main dish, a side dish & a drink. My main of beef noodles with tendons was quite good. No complains about that. My milk tea with pearls was nice but it was better when I chose the jasmine tea during my last visit. My side order of 盐酥鸡 was a bit too salty but still good nevertheless.

I was finishing my chicken when I bit onto something hard. I spit it out and found a small stone in my food. It should be from the flour coating the chicken. I highlighted this to the waiter who cleared my table. He told me that he will inform his manager and I thought that that will be the end of it.

I was surprised when the manager on duty came over with my bill herself. She apologised and assured me that she will bring this matter up with her supplier. I was a bit worried that my teeth would be damaged but as I was rushing off to meet the rest of the family, I did not check there and then.

On my way back, I felt around and found that one piece of tooth enamel had fallen out ! I felt pretty dentist is not opened on Sunday afternoon..what should I do now ?? I decided to call Lai Lai when I reached home. The phone rang but no one picked up..probably peak hour so the staff are busy ? I wrote an email to their feedback account. No reply from Lai Lai…

I was busy the next day and only managed to call Lai Lai again on Tuesday. A lady, Irene Koh answered my call. She was very concerned when she heard my case. She had heard from her staff about the stone as well. She promised to find out if I can claim my dental treatment from them and let me know the following day. I was worried that I would have to do a crowning as the hole in the broken tooth was quite big.

The next day, Irene called me as promised. I would go for my dental treatment and let her know the total amount. Lucky for me, my fav dentist, Dr Lee managed to save my tooth without having to go through the crowning process ! Yippee ! Instead of having to pay $1600 to have my nerves taken out and crowning done, I only paid $60 for the repair ! Irene was relieved when she heard the total amount. Whew !

I picked up the $ from Irene

The good service provided by Irene and her staff had made me a loyal customer for their restaurant. It is rare for any restaurants at all to have provided such good service – in fact I have not come across any like that in any of the businesses in Singapore. I had considered going to NEA to make a complaint when I did not receive any reply to my email. Luckily, I changed my mind when I spoke to Irene who was very nice, very sincere and lived up to her promises. Such staff is a gem indeed !


Bijinsenmon Slimming Wraps

Saw this new product “Bijinsenmon” slimming wraps at Guardian Pharmacy a few days back. There are a few types which target specific areas in our bodies – tummy, arms, legs..I remember seeing the advert for this product in U-weekly not too long ago. Decided to buy 1 pack to try out. It is quite pricey after all – $49 for a 4 piece pack ! Hmm…if it is effective, I wouldn’t mind buying again. The instructions on the box stated that you will have to use for 3 days in a row and 1 piece per week thereafter. Wow ! Seems like the product is so effective ! I can’t wait to try it out !

I must say that the packaging is quite well done. Each box comes with 4 pieces of individually wrapped slimming wraps and 1 packet containing 4 pieces of cover for the wraps. Quite clean and hygienic.

I used my measuring tape to measure my body before each use to check if I had lost any “inches”.

There is a slight medicinal smell when you open the wrap. Inside, there is a wet, moist piece of paper wrap which you must place around your tummy and waist areas. This wrap feels quite cold when it first touches my body. After that, I must put on a sheet of the cover to prevent the wrap from touching my clothes.  I am supposed to keep the wrap on for a min of 15 min and not more than 20 min. Exactly 20 min later, I removed the cover and wrap, cleaned up the area and eagerly measured my body. Argh…not even 1mm difference ! Maybe its the first use ?

I used the product continuously for 4 days, even going as far as to increase the length of time to 25 min. Didn’t do me any good. There is no reduction in measurement at all. Not even 1mm ! The only reduction is in my pocket – $49 out of my pocket to buy an ineffective product. Well, take it as lesson learnt. Advertisements “lie”..not matter how well it is written, one will have to try it to know. Have this temptation to mail back the “Membership recruitment” form included in the package and give them my 2 cents worth..don’t think that it will do any good. We’ll see about it then ! 🙂

How your baby shows she loves you

So true !

By Dr Richard C. Woolfson

To you, your cutie is just fabulous. You adore her every gesture, look and new development. But you may wonder sometimes if this loving feeling is reciprocated, especially when you’re utterly worn out from rounds of late night feeds. Is it worth it?


Don’t worry, it is! She may not be able to say it in words, but here are nine ways your baby shows you’re pretty special to her.
She is happy to see you You probably saw her first smile around the age of six weeks. Since then, her cherubic face lights up whenever she sees you. Your appearance brightens up her day considerably.
She settles when you soothe herYour little one cries when she is distressed. And yet you are usually able to calm her. You have this positive effect on her because she loves you. Your attention helps drive away the tension that causes her to cry.
She cries when you leave the room What greater proof that she loves you than when separation anxiety kicks in? If your baby had her way, chances are she’d insist you stay by her side all the time. She is relaxed with you.
She lets you change her Very quickly, you realise that your baby is totally comfortable with you changing her. She doesn’t become upset or resist when you swop her dirty diaper for a clean one, or when you bathe or dress her. In fact, she actually enjoys that shared experience.
She stares into your eyes Whenever you feed your baby, look at her closely – you’ll notice her loving look as she drinks milk. As far as she is concerned, at that moment, you are simply the best person in her world.
She cuddles up to you when you hold her Cuddling is a two-way process. Watch how she rests in your arms – she snuggles into your body as much as she can. She reciprocates your loving touch by making gentle physical contact with you in her own way.
She sleeps in your arms You wouldn’t be relaxed and comfortable enough to fall asleep in the arms of someone you didn’t care for. Neither would she. Your baby shows her affection for you by lying against you, and nodding off. You make her feel so safe and secure that she is lulled into sleep.
She laughs in your company The sound of her chuckling is terrific. She finds everything you do such fun and giggles happily when you try to make her laugh. And when she does, you laugh in response. That form of genuinely reciprocal laughter is another way your bub is displaying her affection for you.
She thrives with your attention Think about how much she has grown and developed in the last few days, weeks or months. The change is amazing. But that didn’t just happen by chance. She responds positively to your loving attention, and this constant progress is another sign that the deep bond flows two ways.

Lessons In Life – Letting Go

For a better 2012: Always know when to let go. When a thought is bringing you more misery than peace, let go of the thought; when a person is bringing more pain than joy to your life, let go… You cannot be your best if you lack joy and peace.

Lessons In Life

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Every single time you’re about to give up, hold on, because you didnt come this far to give up and walk away.

Hold on because you know you’re stronger, hold on because you owe yourself that much.

Sakae Sushi @ Choa Chu Kang

We went to the newly renovated Sakae Sushi @ CCK Lot 1 on 5 Nov 11 for dinner. I noticed that the branch manager is not the lady who was there before. This one is a Filipino (?) who brought us to our table. He abruptly told us “No discount” as soon as we are seated. Huh ? What does he mean by that ? Did I ask for discount ? No ! I had never even seen him before ! Upon clarification, I managed to glean from his heavily accented English that there will be no discount for dinner that day..wah lau…foreign talents ah…can he please talk properly and not be abrupt with customers ?

While waiting for our food, I looked around at the newly renovated restaurant. The new deco seems quite nice and inviting..however, the menu there is still old one with crumpled & frayed corners. Felt grimy too ! Yucks ! Why can’t they replace the menu as well when they had spent so much time & money to renovate their outlet ? I read somewhere that there are more germs on menus than in a toilet bowl ! OMG !!!!! Faint !!!

We  ordered the combi set for 2 pax which comes with 2 soups, 2 rice, 2 salads, fried veggies, teriyaki chicken, 2 tiny pieces of goose liver, beef and salmon…

Our rice, soup, salad, liver, salmon and beef were served together. We waited and waited for the chicken and fried veggies to be served cos hubby does not eat beef. Dare not eat our rice and the rest of the food cos we want to eat the food together. About 15 min later, our fried veggies arrived. I asked the waiter about our teriyaki chicken. He told me to wait. We waited and waited and waited…our food had all turned cold by then. I asked at least 3 staff about my chicken. It finally arrived about 30 min later ! I was already very pissed off and could not be bothered to hide my black face. How can they expect customers to eat cold food ? The food should be served together ! The guy who served us told us that they had “forgotten” our order and mixed it up ! What kind of an excuse is that ?? The best part is, I think the manager saw how displeased I was and he stayed far far away from our table. I was so fedup with the service that I used my mobile phone to access Sakae Sushi’s website and sent a feedback to their company. Until now, there has been no reply..WTH ?? Is the feedback form for show only ? Or are the staff sleeping ?? Or customers’ feedback are to be ignored ??

My total bill came up to about $76 which is expensive for a dinner for 2 people. The dessert which was provided with my teppanyaki set before the renovation was removed as well. Wah ! Renovation costs $$$ so cut costs this way ah ? I had eaten at Sakae CCK regularly before their renovation. The service is not fantastic but at least I do not have to wait for a long time for my food to be served between courses. This time is the service is the worst and the attitude of the branch manager & service staff is most deplorable. I will definitely not patronise Sakae Sushi for a very long time cos I simply do not support such lousy service attitudes. There are so many Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Why should I spend so much money and have to put up with such nonsense ?? 花钱买罪受 !!!

Don’t Quit !


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high,

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,

Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.



Life is queer with its twists and turns,

As every one of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about,

When he might have won had he stuck it out;

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow–

You may succeed with another blow.



Often the goal is nearer than,

It seems to a faint and faltering man,

Often the struggler has given up,

When he might have captured the victor’s cup,

And he learned too late when the night slipped down,

How close he was to the golden crown.



Success is failure turned inside out–

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems so far,

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–

It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

– Author unknown








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