Sakae Sushi @ Choa Chu Kang

We went to the newly renovated Sakae Sushi @ CCK Lot 1 on 5 Nov 11 for dinner. I noticed that the branch manager is not the lady who was there before. This one is a Filipino (?) who brought us to our table. He abruptly told us “No discount” as soon as we are seated. Huh ? What does he mean by that ? Did I ask for discount ? No ! I had never even seen him before ! Upon clarification, I managed to glean from his heavily accented English that there will be no discount for dinner that day..wah lau…foreign talents ah…can he please talk properly and not be abrupt with customers ?

While waiting for our food, I looked around at the newly renovated restaurant. The new deco seems quite nice and inviting..however, the menu there is still old one with crumpled & frayed corners. Felt grimy too ! Yucks ! Why can’t they replace the menu as well when they had spent so much time & money to renovate their outlet ? I read somewhere that there are more germs on menus than in a toilet bowl ! OMG !!!!! Faint !!!

We  ordered the combi set for 2 pax which comes with 2 soups, 2 rice, 2 salads, fried veggies, teriyaki chicken, 2 tiny pieces of goose liver, beef and salmon…

Our rice, soup, salad, liver, salmon and beef were served together. We waited and waited for the chicken and fried veggies to be served cos hubby does not eat beef. Dare not eat our rice and the rest of the food cos we want to eat the food together. About 15 min later, our fried veggies arrived. I asked the waiter about our teriyaki chicken. He told me to wait. We waited and waited and waited…our food had all turned cold by then. I asked at least 3 staff about my chicken. It finally arrived about 30 min later ! I was already very pissed off and could not be bothered to hide my black face. How can they expect customers to eat cold food ? The food should be served together ! The guy who served us told us that they had “forgotten” our order and mixed it up ! What kind of an excuse is that ?? The best part is, I think the manager saw how displeased I was and he stayed far far away from our table. I was so fedup with the service that I used my mobile phone to access Sakae Sushi’s website and sent a feedback to their company. Until now, there has been no reply..WTH ?? Is the feedback form for show only ? Or are the staff sleeping ?? Or customers’ feedback are to be ignored ??

My total bill came up to about $76 which is expensive for a dinner for 2 people. The dessert which was provided with my teppanyaki set before the renovation was removed as well. Wah ! Renovation costs $$$ so cut costs this way ah ? I had eaten at Sakae CCK regularly before their renovation. The service is not fantastic but at least I do not have to wait for a long time for my food to be served between courses. This time is the service is the worst and the attitude of the branch manager & service staff is most deplorable. I will definitely not patronise Sakae Sushi for a very long time cos I simply do not support such lousy service attitudes. There are so many Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Why should I spend so much money and have to put up with such nonsense ?? 花钱买罪受 !!!