Lai Lai Casual Dining @ Jurong Point

Lai Lai Casual Dining is one restaurant worth recommending. The food & service provided by the staff are good. The company is also a most ethical one which takes customer feedback seriously.

I had my lunch at Lai Lai @ Jurong Point on 13 Nov 11. I ordered the Set A which comes with a main dish, a side dish & a drink. My main of beef noodles with tendons was quite good. No complains about that. My milk tea with pearls was nice but it was better when I chose the jasmine tea during my last visit. My side order of 盐ι…₯ιΈ‘ was a bit too salty but still good nevertheless.

I was finishing my chicken when I bit onto something hard. I spit it out and found a small stone in my food. It should be from the flour coating the chicken. I highlighted this to the waiter who cleared my table. He told me that he will inform his manager and I thought that that will be the end of it.

I was surprised when the manager on duty came over with my bill herself. She apologised and assured me that she will bring this matter up with her supplier. I was a bit worried that my teeth would be damaged but as I was rushing off to meet the rest of the family, I did not check there and then.

On my way back, I felt around and found that one piece of tooth enamel had fallen out ! I felt pretty dentist is not opened on Sunday afternoon..what should I do now ?? I decided to call Lai Lai when I reached home. The phone rang but no one picked up..probably peak hour so the staff are busy ? I wrote an email to their feedback account. No reply from Lai Lai…

I was busy the next day and only managed to call Lai Lai again on Tuesday. A lady, Irene Koh answered my call. She was very concerned when she heard my case. She had heard from her staff about the stone as well. She promised to find out if I can claim my dental treatment from them and let me know the following day. I was worried that I would have to do a crowning as the hole in the broken tooth was quite big.

The next day, Irene called me as promised. I would go for my dental treatment and let her know the total amount. Lucky for me, my fav dentist, Dr Lee managed to save my tooth without having to go through the crowning process ! Yippee ! Instead of having to pay $1600 to have my nerves taken out and crowning done, I only paid $60 for the repair ! Irene was relieved when she heard the total amount. Whew !

I picked up the $ from Irene

The good service provided by Irene and her staff had made me a loyal customer for their restaurant. It is rare for any restaurants at all to have provided such good service – in fact I have not come across any like that in any of the businesses in Singapore. I had considered going to NEA to make a complaint when I did not receive any reply to my email. Luckily, I changed my mind when I spoke to Irene who was very nice, very sincere and lived up to her promises. Such staff is a gem indeed !


Recommend ! Challenger Website 12BuySg

Bought some clothes from Challenger’s online store – 12BuySg ( last week. Unfortunately, some of the items were too small for me. As I had bought them at a special 70% discount with free courier service thrown in – already very cheap, I thought that I would have little chance of getting a replacement or refund. Decided to try my luck anyway and wrote in to the customer service.

The next day, I received a reply from them. They are willing to refund me for the clothes as they do not have a bigger size for the ones I had bought. They were prompt in arranging for their courier service to pick up the clothes from me within 2 days. They were polite and friendly throughout which is very rare nowadays. Haven’t seen such good service for a long time ! πŸ™‚

Definitely will buy from them again if there are suitable items. Good & prompt service with door-to-door courier service – Great !